works LOLcat phenomenon into adoption efforts

Posted on Thu Jun 25 2009


Those darn cats! First, they were demanding "cheezburger" and "playing off" our human failings with jaunty keyboard tunes. Now, thanks to the latest Internet silliness, some lucky cats can "has" homes, too. In a promotion with the popular time-wasting Web site, is encouraging animal lovers to get attached to pets on its online adoption boards by making LOLcats out of them.
  While scouring pages of Petfinder's adoptable kitties, surfers click a button to access the LOL Builder, which opens up a window containing that cat's photo and text fields that allow you to add a pidgin caption. The new LOLcat is then added to the art gallery, where visitors vote for their favorite cats on a "cheezburger" scale of 1 to 5. The top vote getters are displayed on the home page, and all submissions link back to the animal's adoption page. "We're finding that over 75 percent of the visitors who are coming from [the LOL cats promo] have never been to Petfinder before," says Kim Saunders of, which is part of Discovery Communications. The promo runs through the end of the month.
  Check out my LOLcat above: a 9-year-old Persian named Funny who's looking for a home in Southern California. To my knowledge, Funny has no health issues. She just looks like Wilford Brimley.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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