Pepto-Bismol finally sponsoring Nathan's hot-dog-eating contest

Posted on Tue Jun 29 2010


Even professional eaters, it would appear, get tummy aches. Or maybe the Pepto-Bismol sponsorship of Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest this weekend is aimed at those of us watching fully grown adults shoveling food into their mouths with reckless abandon. Somebody's likely to puke, and it probably won't be the tiny Japanese guy who wins every competitive-eating contest on the planet (if he makes it this year). There's maybe no more logical marriage of brand and event than this. But you have to ask yourself, is any of this really necessary? And why does it commemorate the Fourth of July? Freedom to binge! The Pepto deal comes on the heels of a Zantac promotion with Travel Channel and Man vs. Food, with the brand setting up an interactive exhibit—with samples, coupons, episodes of the show and other attractions—at outdoor fairs and food festivals where people are likely to stuff their faces. Check out the video interview with George Shea, mastermind of the annual Nathan's contest and the Major League Eating phenom (it's going global, people!). And try to hold down your lunch.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Nothing about this crisis that a dollop of Pepto-Bismol can't fix

Posted on Fri Jan 30 2009


Marketers want you to know they really feel your pain on this whole economy thing. While you're obsessing about the Dow, they're obsessing about ways to tap into your idée fixe to sell you more stuff.
  Houlihan's has already tested the waters with its promotion rewarding customers when the Dow rises (or falls). Hollywood has also sought to comfort the public with films featuring an array of banking heavies getting their much-needed comeuppance. Now, Procter & Gamble's Pepto-Bismol is sending out a similar message with a newspaper ad showing the Dow covered with oozing pink Pepto. See the full ad here.
  Who are we to argue? Come to think of it, pouring Pepto-Bismol all over your morning paper is as reasonable a way to deal with this crisis as any.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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