Pentax's new film looks great, but can we give the clowns a rest?

Posted on Fri Feb 12 2010


What is it about scary clowns? We've seen them pop up in Philips's famous "Carousel" ad, a recent Walmart  spot and now in this five-minute film for Pentax. To be fair, the Pentax film, "Uncle Jack," has a lot more going on than just the clown. There's the title character, a fugitive who manages to tell a thinly veiled version of his own story to his apple-cheeked niece over a Bluetooth headset as he's on the run. And let's not forget the photography. Like "The Rider," another recent Pentax short film, this was shot with a Pentax K-7 and, like the Philips spot, was designed to show off the visual crispness and of course, the colors. But next time, how about a peacock or something instead?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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