PayPal social Facebook push tries to prove capitalism still works

Posted on Mon Jul 6 2009

Do-stuff-for-money Is it true that everyone has their price? PayPal certainly thinks so. The e-commerce site hopes to prove that point and raise awareness for its Send Money tool via social networking. PayPal has created a microsite where consumers can "Do Stuff for Money." The site lets anyone enter a friend's name, the dollar amount they want to pay them, and the offer (sent via Facebook or e-mail). Such proposals can range from doing the chicken dance or eating 10 hot dogs at once to walking the dog or going on a date with someone. The point is to show how easily the app works “without the hassles of checks or ATM visits,” wrote director of product marketing Heinz Waelchli in PayPal's blog. Note: You won't actually have to pay your friend to do the chicken dance, but don't let them know that so they don't chicken out. 

— Posted by Elena Malykhina



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