Forever your brand: Is there anything that Paula Abdul can't do?

Posted on Wed Jan 28 2009


If celebrities can become bona-fide brands in this world, they can rebrand, too, right?
  Case in point: Paula Abdul. Now 47 years old, Abdul started as a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader, taught Janet Jackson to dance in the late '80s, launched a singing career in the '90s, then found a totally new identity as an American Idol judge starting in 2002 (where she plays the compassionate foil to the show's cold-hearted snake, Simon Cowell). Now, between stints as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight and her Jan. 3 MTV cheerleading special, she's apparently found time to ... be a jewelry designer!
  Abdul is slated to appear on the Home Shopping Network on Feb. 22 to hawk the latest baubles in her Forever Your Girl Collection. The mostly-under-$100 pieces are all purportedly "inspired" by her early-'90s hit singles, though how an earring imitates a song must be one of those trade secrets.
  According to her publicist, Abdul "has continued to successfully reinvent herself and her brand over and over." Uh ... straight up.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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