Another alcohol ad, another group of women getting very cozy

Posted on Thu Oct 15 2009


What is it about booze ads that lend themselves to explorations of sapphism? First, we had Remy Martin and its leering look at lesbian intimacy (though a Remy rep disputed any overt connection, saying, "It's highly interpretive"). Now, a brand called Passionne no doubt caused skads of New York Times Magazine readers last week to do a spit-take with their coffees. If Remy was subtle, though, there's nothing coy about this print execution, which shows five women sitting together quite cozily. One woman appears to be kissing another (I suppose she could be just whispering in her ear), and the second woman has her hand on a third woman's thigh. The headline: "Forbidden Fruit." So, who is this ad aimed at? Horny men? Or is it a drink designed for lesbian get-togethers? If so, we may have the long-awaited female version of Schmidt's Gay.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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