Parkay fans lick their lips over upcoming talking-tub iPhone app

Posted on Tue Mar 24 2009


Someday there'll be an iPhone app for everything. And we may get there sooner rather than later, now that South Carolina agency Rawle Murdy is working on an app for Parkay spread. "This is a great example of an iconic, but neglected brand," says the e-mail pitch. "We wanted to contemporize and connect with new/young moms through new media. ... We created an iPhone app of the talking Parkay butter tub that talks back to you. Voice recognition commands the tub to say things like 'Parkaaaay' when you say 'butter'; 'moo' when you say 'Parkay'; you can set a word for it to giggle in response to; etc." The app should be available within a few weeks.
  The talking tub was introduced in 1973. It went silent in 2002 but returned last year in a 15-second spot called "Barn," in which it was seen mooing in a barn stall (to indicate that the ConAgra product is now made with real nonfat milk). The campaign also featured outtakes from the "Barn" spot, with the tub busting the farmer's chops during the shoot in a lighthearted manner. Those new/young moms watching the outtakes might be a little taken aback, though, when the tub insinuates that the farmer probably enjoys having sex with his cows.

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