Try parental-control software that won't break your child's neck

Posted on Wed Oct 28 2009

Trend Micro wants parents to know there's an easier way to install Internet "parental controls" than resorting to extreme measures. In this video, which debuted last month, a boy secretly enters an adult-video site on his computer. As he watches with exhilaration, the monitor deploys an airbag, and the boy is ejected from his chair. It is then revealed that the "parental controls software" belongs to "McHorton's," a fictional company, whose tester appears in the boy's room when explicit content is detected. The video tells viewers, "There's a better way," and points them to Fearless Web, a Facebook page dedicated to Trend Micro's campaign raising awareness about Internet security. The video is part of a series. Two other ads present more comical scenarios of tech-savvy children trying to outsmart their parents. But Trend Micro saves the day and helps parents outsmart their children.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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