K-C's Viva brand staging much-needed paper-towel interventions

Posted on Wed Jun 2 2010

Talk about obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Kimberly-Clark is running new creative showing why its Viva paper towels are better than the "leading quilted paper towel" (i.e., Procter & Gamble's Bounty). The spot here, from agency Tris3ct, opens with a Viva crew charging into a woman's house with a larger-than-life size Viva battering ram. Inside, Sandy, a woman who's written a book called One Step to Breaking the Quilted Habit, tells the housewife why she should no longer buy quilted towels. " 'Quilted' is towelspeak for 'air,' but Viva puts 35 percent more towels between you and the mess," the lady says, hoping to convince the woman to switch over. With her team of brand enthusiasts watching, the author has the woman try cleaning a spill using Viva. Once she breaks the habit, the rest is easy. "Beautiful," the onlookers say as she breathes a sigh of accomplishment (and relief). "Try Viva and quit the quilt," the voiceover at the end says. (Will Bounty take the bait and fight back?)

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Meet the extremely punchable Scott behind Scott paper products

Posted on Wed Jun 2 2010

Sales of Scott toilet tissue have lagged due to the economic slump and subsequent lack of Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings. So, the Kimberly-Clark brand is attempting to recover with its new "Do You Know Scott?" campaign. It features an interactive Web site and commercials like the one shown here (via agency Tris3ct) to make eponymous spokesman Scott explain how the brand is greener, cheaper and better than ever. Or not explain, since Scott speaks primarily in buzzwords and smiles in a way that can only be described as "punchable." The TV spots might help brand visibility, but the site doesn't cover any new ground, and honestly, toilet paper is never going to have enough of a cool factor to build a non-spambot online community around. If K-C wants to boost the brand's sales above private label and appeal to the greener consumer, it needs to make the relevant information clearer and less Web-2.0 gimmicky. Or failing that, they should make a flash game where we can punch Scott.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Cottonelle vowing to recall defective toilet paper that rolls 'under'

Posted on Thu Apr 22 2010


In January, Kimberly-Clark's Cottonelle launched a contest asking consumers whether toilet paper should roll over or under. Well, the debate was settled by Oscar time, with people in the national poll choosing "over." Now, the brand is back with the next step in the campaign to keep the conversation going. It's promising a "recall" of any bath tissue that doesn't roll over. The campaign, created by JWT London (but running in the U.S. and Canada), includes TV and outdoor ads that show the company "recalling any toilet paper which doesn't roll over." Cottonelle brand manager John Stanwood says: "We wanted to counter the theory that all toilet paper is the same and come up with an idea that was eye-catching, compelling and light-hearted." This, of course, doesn't mean that retailers are pulling any TP that mysteriously rolls "under" from their shelves. That would be silly.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

P&G's Bounty on mission to clean up (literally) American schools

Posted on Mon Apr 19 2010


Procter & Gamble's Bounty is embarking on a clean sweep of America's classrooms. The paper-products brand kicks off a trailblazer effort this Tuesday to get volunteers to scrub U.S. schools clean—top to bottom, Bounty-style. "Make a Clean Difference," as the campaign is called, begins with an event in Washington, D.C., featuring celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Russell Simmons and Gabrielle Union. Though some might say you'd need more than spray bottle, a Swiffer stick and paper towels to clean up America's schools, we're glad to see that someone is doing finally something about it.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Rapping scientists test Bounty paper towels in new music video

Posted on Wed Mar 17 2010

Dude, this is what we call entertaining marketing. Paper-towel brand Bounty has done it again, this time with a gangsta-grooving music video on YouTube. While BrandFreak (and most of the folks in the marketing world, perhaps) thought the R&D guys at Procter & Gamble were pretty buttoned up, this video dispels that myth. (OK, there are probably some conservative types working there.) The two-minute video, which has gotten nearly 400,000 views in a week, shows rapper scientists putting the quicker picker upper to the test. We closed our eyes at one point during the triple dare, but opened them to find the Bounty sheet unstoppable and still absorbing. Go Bounty!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Do not fear the giant Bounty paper-towel roll. It comes in peace!

Posted on Tue Mar 9 2010


Holy crap. This must be the biggest paper-towel roll we've ever seen in our life. Procter & Gamble has sent its Bounty brand on the road with a traveling companion of (ta-da!) a shopping cart in a campaign to raise $50,000 in product donations to five food banks. (All you have to do is go to Bounty's newly launched Facebook page and become a fan of the brand.) "Just as the new Bounty Huge Roll aligns with our commitment to provide consumers with huge value, our goal through this campaign is to make a huge difference in the lives of those in need," Bounty brand manager Chris Brown said in a statement. The ginormous paper towel is making stops in five markets, including San Antonio (eek, that's not far from the Irving, Texas, HQ of Kimberly-Clark, which makes rival brand Viva) and Grand Rapids, Mich. Let's hope there's not an all-out paper-towel war!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Kimberly-Clark set to roll out three Latin-flavored Kleenex boxes

Posted on Thu Aug 27 2009


If you're shopping in the tissue aisle next month and notice that the Kleenex just got brighter, here's why: Parent company Kimberly-Clark held a contest in March looking for the best Latino-inspired designs. Three grand-prize winners were selected in June, and K-C will be showcasing their award-winning work on shelves in September and October. The three designs are "Celebration" (by Chicago's Jaime Maldonado), "Colores Hispanos" (by Paula Lagioia of Miami) and "Simplemente Hispano" (by NYC's Jessica DelCarpio). Not sure if these limited-edition, artist-inspired boxes will jump-start tissue sales for K-C, which has seen softness in the category. But at very least they make for good cold/flu season décor! We've got one atop our cubicle right now. Take one, please!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Cottonelle slathers Aloe and E on your face, hand, legs and bum

Posted on Mon Aug 3 2009

Just how much softer can toilet paper get? A lot softer, according to researchers at Kimberly-Clark. The maker of Huggies and Kleenex has rolled out an improved Cottonelle bath tissue made with Aloe and Vitamin E. Plus, for those of you who like a clean bottom on the go, there's the new Cottonelle SoothingClean flushable moist wipes, which is also "silky smooth and soft," the company says. The ad shown here, now running, via JWT, London, opens with "the world's top skin expert" (a dog) bounding into the Cottonelle Institute (a space-age structure built into the side of a remote island) to check on the comfort level of his patients. "Two thirds of women have sensitive skin. Maybe you're one of them," the voiceover says. Take home lesson: "Be kind to your behind," as the spot says.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Maybe just buy a giant roll of toilet paper and be set for the year

Posted on Thu Apr 16 2009


Holy moly, that's some roll of toilet paper. It was created by Marcal and displayed in New York's Times Square to promote the company's new Small Steps line. The collection includes facial and bath tissue, napkins and wipes, all made from 100 percent recycled materials. The giant roll (try putting your arms around it!) represents how much toilet paper the average American family uses in one year. And did you know you can spare 34 trees from the axe if you switch to recycled paper products? Hmm…lots of toilet-centered activity going on in Times Square recently. Maybe Marcal should team up with Charmin for the next New Year's Eve "Luxurious Relief" program. Free potty and wipes, anyone?

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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