Pantene counting on Bret Michaels to recover from hairy ordeal

Posted on Wed May 5 2010


Bret Michaels is reportedly out of the hospital (though still under doctor care) in time for the finale of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice and to possibly perform live shows again within the next several weeks. That's good news for Poison fans, but also for P&G, which had centered a contest prize around Michaels, his band and his tour-bus antics. (It's probably too early to tell if the antics will be up to legendary Rock of Love speed, but the frontman sounds pretty determined.) Read our earlier post about the contest here. Michaels had an emergency appendectomy April 12 and then suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. He was in intensive care for weeks, leaving P&G to wonder what would happen to the payoff for its Pantene campaign, dubbed "Be the Rock Star You Are." Contestants in what's billed as "the world's first reality hair ad" are vying for the chance to wash their hair during a live TV commercial with product pitchwoman and What Not to Wear star Stacy London. Then, that lucky gal will hit a Poison concert and become a Michaels groupie. That last part, and potentially a larger role for Michaels in the Pantene re-stage, seemed to be hanging in the balance. Now it could be back on track, if Michaels recovers as quickly as he promises. I hope he does. But I still don't get this prize, P&G—though the extra media attention is bound to send that ROI skyrocketing. So … good call?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Pantene hair-care contest offers weird Brett Michaels grand prize

Posted on Mon Apr 5 2010


Now here's a contest that could be right up my alley. Dubbed "the world's first reality hair ad," it's a Procter & Gamble-sponsored casting call for chicks who'd like to try Pantene shampoo during a live commercial with product pitchwoman and What Not to Wear star Stacy London. Well, I have a lot of hair, and it often needs to be washed, so I might just give this a shot. But other than a brief TV appearance on May 25 and spanking clean locks (and maybe a cut and style thrown in?), what could I win? Answer: tickets to a Bret Michaels concert, first-class airfare, backstage passes and a ride on his tour bus. Wait, what? You mean I'd get a freshly laundered 'do just to hang around in a sea of skanky Rock of Love rejects in Michaels' entourage? Is this really the kind of brand message P&G wants to put out? Besides, any association between Michaels and hair products is a head scratcher, since I suspect his wispy blonde tendrils are actually extensions sewn into his ever-present bandana. No bandana? Hello, baldie! So, I think I've changed my mind about uploading an audition video, but I sure appreciate the twisted attempt at humor. Thanks, P&G!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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