Advertising is art on a handful of New Jersey highway billboards

Posted on Mon Jul 27 2009


All you budding artists out there, here's your big break. (No, it doesn't involve standing outside MOMA with a "Please exhibit me" sign.) Palisades, a New Jersey car-insurance company, is showcasing local artists' work on highway billboards. If you think this is a questionable route to fame, think again. While world-renowned art museums average 7,000 to 13,000 visitors a day, roadside boards can get up to 80,000 eyeballs daily. So far, response from artists has been overwhelming, with more than 450 submissions in one week, according to Palisades. Landscape scenery by Garden State artists Tom Daly and Gary Godbee (above) are on display now, and the public gets to submit and vote on the next series of images. We're pulling out our canvas and brushes for this one.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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