Pacifico Beer reminds you to enjoy an epic adventure responsibly

Posted on Wed Jul 8 2009
3267Pacifico Pacifico Beer has just announced its Epic Adventure Photo contest, which is almost exactly what it sounds like. Consumers can submit pictures of their epic adventures to Pacifico's website, where a panel of judges, including Surfer magazine photo editor Grant Ellis, hand out prizes including surfboards, magazine subscriptions and a grand prize trip to Hawaii with longboard whiz Joel Tudor. It's ironic and yet fitting that Pacifico, a beer for traveling "off the beaten path," is asking for consumer-created content and offering a grand prize trip like countless other American brands right now. Not to mention that getting a decent picture of an "epic adventure" would be pretty hard, and dangerous. I'd hate to fall out of my hang glider because the guy responsible for strapping me in was too busy dithering around with his camera settings. But at least they tried to make the contest fair by excluding Californians "for legal reasons," because anyone driving the I-405 to work would win automatically.


-Posted by David Kiefaber



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