Oxygen's virtual plastic-surgery tool is ugly, any way you slice it

Posted on Wed Aug 5 2009


So, you're the Oxygen cable network, and you're launching this new show called Addicted to Beauty. It's being trashed by the critics for "trafficking in distasteful stereotypes" and celebrating "the post-Dorian Gray mentality of those who believe you must trade facial mobility for upward mobility." Let's see, how to promote this piece o' tripe? ... Eureka! With something called the "Fantastic Plastic Makeover," which is every inch as horrifying as it sounds. Since the reality show takes place in a Southern California cosmetic surgery facility, why not recreate that online, where budding Cat Women can do virtual nip/tucks all the livelong day? It's free! (Therapy not included). No joke. A tool on Oxygen.com "allows users to upload a photo and try out different plastic surgery procedures, such as Botox or rhinoplasty—a fun way for users to alter their appearance without the expense," according to a network press release. The promo comes via a partnership with ModiFace, a company that specializes in Web technology that shaves years, pounds and crow's feet off virtual faces. Among your choices: a facelift, wrinkle remover and tanning. But why stop there? You can also get a new hairdo and makeup. A new life? Sure, but it's just make believe. If only they could find a way to inject some sanity into the show.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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