The variety of diversions involving 'The Crazies' is a bit insane

Posted on Fri Feb 19 2010


Could it be that these promotions, bits of new content, games and apps for The Crazies are infinitely more sophisticated than the horror flick they're selling? Well, they're way ahead of the original source material, that's for sure. The Crazies, for non-cult fans, was first a 1973 B-movie about a bucolic Pennsylvania town where the folks just go plain loco and homicidal mania ensues. (Hint: It's something in the water, and the government's to blame). Written and directed by legendary horror maven George Romero, The Crazies had a reported micro-mini-budget of $275,000. The remake, from Overture Films and Participant Media, not only has a few stars on the bill—Timothy Olyphant as the town's sheriff—but much better (read: more expensive) special effects. As for the surrounding hype, there are traditional comics, a four-part animated comic series, a Facebook game called The Crazies Tower Defense, an iPhone app dubbed "Beware the Infected" (where you can doctor photos of yourself and others to look like Ogden Marsh's whacked-out inhabitants) and an online game that lets you make fight videos to share. That should be enough to keep you busy until the movie launches Feb. 26. Try to stay sane!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Greenpeace suddenly wants you to be infected by toxic water

Posted on Fri Apr 10 2009


Want to be a homicidal maniac hopped up on biotoxins in an upcoming Hollywood horror flick? Who wouldn't? It'll cost you, via an eBay auction for a walk-on role, but the cash you fork over will go to a good cause: Greenpeace.
  The connection's a bit tenuous between the remake of the '70s George Romero cult classic The Crazies and the well-known environmental organization. See, the original movie centered on a biological weapons spill in small-town America, the effect it had on the townsfolk (really, really not good) and the military's (unsuccessful) attempts at containing it. The remake, starring Timothy Olyphant, involves a contaminated water supply. There's a stronger link, though, between the new film's producers and pro-social causes. Participant Media, which is producing with Overture Films, is home to a steady stream of message movies like Fast Food Nation, An Inconvenient Truth, Syriana and Standard Operating Procedure. The remake, directed by Breck Eisner, is one of the company's first forays into genre filmmaking.
  The winner of the eBay auction will travel to the Iowa shoot to play one of the infected residents, adding a conversation starter to the old résumé and earning some Earth-friendly karma points in the bargain.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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