OTB wins right to place and show some female flesh

Posted on Wed Nov 18 2009

Otb1109club Off Track Betting in New York had the nerve to try and link gambling and sex. Can you believe their gall?!? Hey wait, isn’t that what Las Vegas is built upon? Anyway, Long Island’s Nassau County isn’t about to become Sin City east. County legislators were up in arms after it the OTB opened a “Skin Room” at the Plainview Race Palace. The marketing showed a bare legged woman in hot pants and language like “"A whole new set of rules…There are NO RULES." OTB officials originally defended they ad and said something to the effect of they weren’t opening up a strip club. Rather, they were just looking to promote some “good, clean fun” among a younger audience. (For those who have never been to an OTB, they often tend to be inhabited by older men with few teeth and a lot of Wild Irish Rose on their breath.) Still, yesterday OTB backed down by replacing the ad with another featuring a sexy woman in black stockings. It also changed the name of the venue from the “Skin Room” the the “Blush Room.” Conservatives rejoice!

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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