Have Justin Bieber ardently spruce up your fingers and your toes

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Oct 11 2010


Do you love Justin Bieber from the top of your head to the tips of your toes? (If you answered yes, and you're not a 12-year-old girl, please seek help.) The merchandising machine that is Team Bieber has already clothed and accessorized millions of fans' body parts with charm bracelets, T-shirts, hoodies, necklaces and hats. Now, it's on to the all-important mani-pedi. The YouTube pop sensation has "designed" a line of nail polish with Nicole by OPI that will go on sale exclusively at Walmart in December. (Stocking stuffer alert!) An expanded line will hit Ulta and Target in February, just in time for Bieber's 3-D concert movie/big-screen "acting" debut. The product's called One Less Lonely Girl, after the Canadian moppet's hit song, and will feature shades like "Step 2 the Beat of My Heart," which is metallic blue with girly glitter. So, don't wonder why members of Bieber Nation will be a little woozier than usual in a few months. They'll be high on hormones and acetate fumes.



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