Vitaminwater turning bus shelters into ski lifts out in Vancouver

Posted on Tue Feb 16 2010


Speaking of Vitaminwater, Cleveland-based ad agency Brokaw is giving the brand's Winter Olympics creative a 3-D aspect with this bus shelter in downtown Vancouver. The company transformed the shelter into a ski lift, a move that recalls a stunt that Venture Communications pulled on behalf of Ski Alberta in 2008. Other ads in the campaign highlight Olympic athletes in Vitaminwater's typically jocular style. "Don't try challenging Michael Lambert," reads one, referring to the Canadian snowboarder. "You'll lose. Even in your imagination."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Wieden's latest Coke spot imagines Olympic-size snowball fight

Posted on Tue Jan 19 2010

Here's some good clean fun courtesy of our friends at Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy. This commercial imagines a scene before the Winter Olympics in Vancouver where athletes engage in a little snowball fight. It's all a misunderstanding, though, because a bunch of snow falls on one of the Canadian athletes, prompting him to drop his Coke. Then, in a surprising move (surprising because Canadians aren't known for their hot-headedness), his teammate hurls a snowball at the Swedish team, and then France surprisingly gets pulled into the action (surprising because they usually like to sit out conflicts), and then, before you know it, all hell breaks loose in what reminded me of the famously deleted pie-fighting scene from Dr. Strangelove. The spot ends with the original athlete finding a vending machine to get his Coke fix. The creative continues to build on the notion of a magical Coke machine that dispenses happiness, or in this case, restores world order.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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