Olive Garden un-pulls ads from Letterman show over Palin spat

Posted on Fri Jun 19 2009

Christ, are we still talking about the Palin/Letterman thing? Apparently we are, because Olive Garden has backtracked on pulling its ads from Letterman's show. They were pretty clear about it at first, promising "no more Olive Garden ads scheduled for The Late Show with David Letterman in this year's broadcast schedule," because of Letterman's joke about Alex Rodriguez knocking up one of Palin's daughters. But Olive Garden director of media relations Rich Jeffers has corrected that report, saying "no authorized spokesperson for the company confirmed the information." Olive Garden obviously looks bad here, or at least clueless, but they'd look worse for pulling their advertising over a joke that has already been apologized for, and that wasn't terribly offensive, anyway. Sarah Palin is keen on running this topic into the ground by herself, after all, and the last thing she needs is vindication.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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