Old Navy direct mail gets more colorful with tote-bag promotion

Posted on Fri Apr 2 2010


Is it just me or are direct-mail marketing promotions getting more creative (and more colorful)? In the recent past, I've received Victoria's Secret coupons in the shape of (pardon me) underwear, a catalog with a holographic cover, and this week, a bright-yellow Old Navy booklet telling me to "stuff" a tote bag and get 20 percent off everything inside. I can't quite pinpoint what exactly caught my attention: the four-page spread showcasing the retailer's eco-friendly totes, the cartoon bee that proclaims "I ♥ Stuff & Save," or an enclosed sticker that reads, "Note to self: Get 10% off at Old Navy with my tote from May-July!" Think about it ... Old Navy has gotten so sneaky, it's including stickers that you can paste on your fridge, bathroom mirror or wallet—anything that will get you to shop at its stores. 

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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