UPS loves logistics so much, it's taken to dancing in the streets

By Elena Malykhina on Wed Oct 13 2010

UPS loves logistics. You already know this if you've seen the shipping company's new TV spot (above) from Ogilvy, set to the tune of "That's Amore." But they took it further. Recently, the company hired a dance troupe, dressed them in UPS uniforms, and had them do a little logistics dance in Chicago—captured in the video below. At the end of the video, the dancers use their boxes to spell out "We [heart] logistics," which is the theme of the new campaign. Hokey? Perhaps. But I'd say UPS is getting its message across loud and clear. And it's not an easy task to make logistics seem like fun.

Burger King's WhopperFace puts your face on a burger wrapper

Posted on Mon Mar 15 2010

Have you ever gotten a Whopper, looked at the wrapper and thought, "I wonder how my face would look on this"? Probably not, but the people in this purported hidden-camera video for Burger King seem pretty tickled to see their portraits embossed on burger diapers. Ogilvy Brazil apparently took photos of patrons while they were in line, then printed the portrait wrappers to reinforce the "Have it your way" positioning. The "WhopperFace" idea could be seen as an invasion of privacy, but then, Burger King customers have been through a lot lately, including being encouraged to shed Facebook friends in exchange for food and being misinformed about the availability of their beloved Whopper. On a positive note, forcing repeat customers to see their bloated, pimply faces might be a hell of a wakeup call as well. Via The Denver Egotist.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Capri Sun pouches have magical ability to destroy your children

Posted on Wed Mar 3 2010

You won't get bored watching these new Capri Sun ads, created by Ogilvy for a campaign dubbed "Disrespectoids." In each of the 30-second spots, children are transformed into an animal or an object when they "disrespect" a Capri Sun pouch. There are four characters: Balloona Luna, a girl on a swing who gives away her Capri Sun pouch, turns into a balloon animal, and floats away; Chewie Stewie, a boy who makes a dog chase his pouch and then turns in a chew toy; Sandy Mandy, a girl on a beach who buries her pouch in the sand and turns into a sand sculpture; and Sloe Moe, a boy who throws his pouch into a swimming pool and turns into a turtle. While the tone is supposed to be comical, there is something creepy about kids transforming into objects, especially in the case of Sandy Mandy. The sand sculpture (which resembles the little girl) blinks and then loses an arm as waves hit the shore. Perhaps my motherly instincts prevent me from laughing at this ad. Kids, on the other hand, might find it quite funny. After all, that's who Capri Sun is targeting.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

Cranberry Raisinets a challenge to regular Raisinets' self-esteem

Posted on Wed Nov 4 2009

These fruit wars can be entertaining. In August, Nestlé released the first two parts of a multi-chapter webisode series promoting the launch of its new Cranberry Raisinets. It showed Cran Berry, a sassy, animated talking antioxidant snack, making her way to Chocolate Springs. As her name implies, she's not a typical Raisinet (the snacktime favorite of theatergoers), and the other raisins are jealous. All four webisodes, plus "bonus outtakes," are now up, courtesy of OgilvyInteractive, which worked with Nestlé on the launch. Cran dances her way to fame in the final chapter. (Oops, spoiler!) One bonus outtake shows how hard it is to pronounce "chocolate bog blog" (we got tongue-twisted and didn't even try it three times fast). Another, shown here, explains good fruit table manners. Cran orders a grape juice, to the horror of the raisins, who are, after all, shrunken grapes. "You are what you eat, girls," she tells them.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Kodak, Carol Brady battle Lackus Appreciatus for Mother's Day

Posted on Fri May 1 2009

Sure, you could buy your mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her special holiday that falls on May 10, but why bother? You're just going to wind up throwing an errant basketball shot and breaking her favorite vase. (And she always said, "Don't play ball in the house.")
  Well, Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady, aka The World's Most Perfect Mom (TV or Not), is the star of this Kodak Mother's Day promotion created by ad agency Ogilvy in New York. Henderson stars in this mock PSA and gives an emotional plea for a condition that afflicts moms and caregivers everywhere whose contributions go unnoticed: Lackus Appreciatus. She then directs visitors to the Kodak gallery, where 1 million free Mother's Day cards are offered up to ungrateful Marcia Marcia Marcias, Johnny Bravos, Peter "Scoop" Bradys and whichever multiple personality Jan is trying on this week.
  In addition to the viral vids and the sitelet, where visitors can use their photos to personalize a Mother's Day card, Kodak Gallery's Mom-a-Thon will be promoted via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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