OfficeMax won't hate you if you pay for everything with pennies

Posted on Wed Aug 5 2009

OfficeMax takes the phrase "penny pinchers" literally in a new online back-to-school push. The retailer tapped improv actor Matt McCarthy for a bunch YouTube videos that show various "Penny Pranks," in which McCarthy tries to use pennies to pay sellers for their products. In this video, he plays a billionaire who tries to buy an expensive 1960s Gibson guitar for a boy who appears to be his son. The kilt-wearing Scotsman takes the guitar dealer to a vault filled with pennies, at which point the dealer backs out because he wants "larger bills." The campaign is meant to promote the back-to-school program at OfficeMax, which includes some items that are selling for just a penny. The message at the end of each video is the same: OfficeMax will take your pennies even if no one else will. The videos are quite memorable and get the point across, not to mention the comic relief they offer as unsuspecting people get pranked.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

No crows, pigeons or seagulls were hurt in the making of this ad

Posted on Wed Jan 21 2009


Advertisers have gotten jiggy with the billboard canvas in recent years. Some ads have been known to explode; others have used unorthodox materials like pennies to grab attention. This billboard for OfficeMax, now rolling out in Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Denver, promoting a new line of Peter Walsh products, manages to get the idea across without going to extremes. Best of all, the birds are all fakes, so no PETA headaches.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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