Norton's anti-virus software protects your data from UFC fighters

Posted on Mon Sep 21 2009

The problem with selling software is that it can be so hard to visualize. How, for instance, is Microsoft supposed to get people excited for Office 2010? By showing workers entering data into spreadsheets? This ad for Norton Internet Security's Caterpillar Security Software gets around that problem with the help of a metaphor. A caterpillar represents a user's identity, and a cyber-criminal is represented by none other than UFC fighter Kimbo Slice. "Kimbo wants to take your caterpillar and do bad things to it," a macho voiceover intones. "The caterpillar, responding in typical caterpillar fashion, eats a leaf." When the imaginary viewer chooses to deny Kimbo (there's a superimposed prompt to do so), the caterpillar shoots a laser beam at him, slicing an arm off. That's meant to be the end of Kimbo. But I kept thinking, he could always come back and fight, like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ('Tis but a scratch, after all.) Other ads in the series show the '80s metal band Dokken battling a chicken.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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