Nokia turns to cartoons to explain its complicated tech research

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Jul 21 2010

Nokia has been pretty quiet of late, but the company has been steadily engaging in some low-key marketing via its Nokia Conversations blog. As you might expect, much of the content is about the cool stuff Nokia is doing. Describing such activities can be a challenge, but Nokia has risen to the occasion with this clever five-minute video on the topic of Cognitive Radio, a project under way from the Nokia Research Center in Finalnd. I had no idea what Cognitive Radio was before, but now I have a pretty clear idea thanks to the animated segment about Basil's search for his dog, Pepper, which combines twee Brit narration and a style that seems like a mashup of Pixar and Davey and Goliath. In a category where advertising usually revolves around gadget fetishization, this is a fresh approach.

Nokia's phones take a licking and keep on, uh, ringing

Posted on Mon Jul 13 2009

I'm on my third iPhone (thanks, Best Buy protection plan). One time, the "home" button started to get less responsive, so I took it to an Apple Store and found it was "water damaged" even though I never dropped in water and was careful about taking it out when it rained. The second time, my iPhone fell about 10 inches out of my pocket and onto the driveway as I was getting into my car. When I took the phone into Best Buy the second time, I asked the Geek Squad guy if others were having the same issues. He said, definitely, but not just the iPhone-all smart phones seem to be as fragile as crystal. All of which is to say, I'm very intrigued by this ad for Nokia, which shows a phone behind submerged into a glass of beer and then continuing to work. Nokia conducted other experiments (all on YouTube) under its "Nokia Conversations" program, including "Nokia phone versus golf club" and "Nokia phone versus rugby boot." Though it looks like all of this was shot in the U.K., I hope Nokia takes the idea here as well. Right now, it seems like the best way to take on the iPhone. Because Apple's phones may be a wonder of engineering, but tough they are not. 

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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