No Fear enlists cagefighter to kick some major energy-drink ass

Posted on Tue Mar 3 2009


In case you were wondering just what the official energy drink of World Extreme Cagefighting is, it's the PepsiCo brand No Fear. In case you were wondering why No Fear doesn't get as much hype as some other PepsiCo brands, it's because Pepsi has made big bets on Amp, by partnering with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and on Rockstar, with which it recently signed a distribution deal. Why so many energy drinks? Well, it's the one non-alcoholic beverage category (besides enhanced water) that is growing, so both Pepsi and Coke figure the more merrier. (Coke inked a deal to distribute Monster and also owns Full Throttle and Nos.) It's fitting, then, that the scrappy No Fear brand would select 29-year-old cagefighter Urijah Faber (shown here), aka The California Kid, the former WEC World Featherweight champion, as its spokesman. The mixed martial artist, who is 22-2 as a professional (and eager to regain the title he lost to Mike Brown in November), fronts No Fear's "Earn Some Cred" promotion (see the full poster here) as well as a national sweepstakes called "Roll with Urijah." As part of the effort, Faber will come to your house and kick your ass if you're caught drinking a Coke brand.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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