Is this upcoming Nickelodeon show just one long Skechers ad?

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Sep 15 2010


It was OK when ABC aired a show based on advertising icons, but when Nickelodeon tries to do the same, the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood goes ballistic. Well, actually, it wasn't OK when ABC did it, either. Cavemen, based on the mighty entertaining series of Geico ads, was criminal (and mercifully short lived). But back to Nick, which plans to launch Zevo-3 next month. The CCFC, which monitors the onslaught of marketing to kids, says the show is nothing more than a program-length infomercial for Skechers. Zevo-3's stars, children turned superheroes, were created to hawk the sneaker brand in ads, comic books and other marketing materials. The Children's Television Act and FCC rules would make them off-limits as kids' TV characters, according to entertainment industry blog The Wrap. The CCFC and its outspoken kids' advocate director, Susan Linn, are trying to stop the animated show, saying, "What's next? Programs like Clowning Around with Ronald McDonald? Have It Your Way with the Burger King? Tony the Tiger Toons?" Read more about the protest here, and see why Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show never made it off the ground.

Soon, you may wrap your child in a SpongeBob or Dora Snuggie

Posted on Thu Jun 10 2010


It was just a matter of time until the Snuggie got a licensed makeover. That time is now. But since it's pint-sized, and aimed at kids, maybe it'll be less ridiculous than a grown-up version? You be the judge. The folks at Nickelodeon and Allstar Products Group couldn't help themselves—the Snuggie's just so generic—and a deal between the two will spawn SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer Snuggies. There aren't any adult versions yet (well, Weezer did one), but the floodgates are now open. This was one of the tidbits that came out of this week's Licensing International Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, where intellectual properties meet up with consumer-goods manufacturers. Mating sometimes ensues. Fox's licensing arm and Rubie's, for instance, announced the fruit of their union—Halloween costumes based on the $2.7 billion hit film Avatar. Prediction: Even though no one but Zoe Saldana or Giselle should really wear a Na'vi getup, a lot of people will. Cover your eyes (and pray there's no XL).

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Chris Brown is out of Kids' Choice Awards and in Oprah's sights

Posted on Thu Mar 12 2009

It's as if pop star Chris Brown had never been nominated at all for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. His photo, clips and video—basically, any and all signs of him—have been wiped from the Nick site where youngsters can vote for the upcoming awards. (There's no explanation given, but Brown's camp says he bowed out.) Brown, who's facing felony assault charges, had been among the artists in the running for favorite male singer and favorite song (for, ironically, "Kiss Kiss"). As recently as Tuesday, the cable powerhouse had said he would remain on the lists despite a parent-led petition to dump him. He had been competing with Jesse McCartney, Kid Rock and T. Pain in the former category and his alleged victim, pop starlet Rihanna, in the latter. But it's not to be, with his 11th-hour stand-down letting Nick off the hook but not doing much for Brown's formerly ad-friendly image. Can't wait to see what's left of it when Oprah gets finished with him on Thursday's all-domestic-violence episode!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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