New Belgium jumps into water advocacy with its Skinny Dip beer

Posted on Mon Jun 15 2009

Skinny Dip for the environment! Designed to quench thirst, Skinny Dip, a New Belgium seasonal brew, wants to be the poster beer for water advocacy. With water conservation is embedded in its corporate culture, New Belgium has become nationally recognized for taking a dive into water advocacy. Of all the trials and tribulations of the world, why water? Because "No fresh water means no great beers," says the Web site. Still, it seems funny, as New Belgium's Skinny Dip is in some ways water's competition. It's designed for the physically active, calorie-conscious beer drinker—hence, the name and "thirst quenching" factor. (Still, people probably won't be packing bottles of the stuff to head to the gym.) Nevertheless, at 108 calories, Skinny Dip has become a strong seller since it launched in 2006. So, while it may never become an all-purpose thirst quencher, it is saving the fishies and benefiting humanity one beer at a time.

—Posted by Allison Shafir

Adult big wheels, BMX jousting, Fat Tire. Now, that's an event!

Posted on Wed Feb 11 2009

New Belgium Brewing, the Fort Collins, Colo.-based maker of Fat Tire ale, sponsors something called the Urban Assault Ride, a touring scavenger-hunt competition that features human bumper cars (i.e., people bashing each other with black inner tubes), face-first slip 'n slides and adult-size big wheels. The contestants in the 10-city tour must race around each entire city, from one checkpoint challenge to another. The first team to complete the tasks and finish a final obstacle course receives new bikes and other prizes. Everyone, however, gets to partake in the New Belgium Beer afterparty. Sounds like a blast. Although, wouldn't BMX jousting be a lot more fun after you've put down a couple of Fat Tires?

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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