Nestea embeds itself in Web version of an acclaimed short film

Posted on Wed Jun 3 2009

In a quirky, high-concept short film called Ctrl Z, a maligned cubicle jockey/erstwhile hero learns he can reverse time and re-do his life's mistakes with a couple of keystrokes. Imagine what can happen when he adds Nestea to the equation. Apparently, the character, played by Arrested Development's Tony Hale, will be able to read people's minds, become invisible and move objects like, maybe, water coolers and staplers and stuff. Not-so-subliminal message: That iced tea has superpowers! Nestea, a Coca-Cola brand, has signed on as an embedded sponsor of webisodes based on Ctrl Z, which was an award winner at Sundance for writer/director Rob Kirbyson. There was no paid product placement in the original short (that's the trailer posted here). But Nestea will be one of the stars of the 10 video episodes, called Ctrl, launching this summer across VOD and online platforms like Hulu and In the series, Hale's character will learn that "with the aid of Nestea and its 'Liquid Awesomeness,' he has the ability to manipulate the reality of his office by using his computer," says a press release on the deal. That happens after he spills Nestea on his keyboard. Throw in a snack partner, and maybe he'll be able to teleport.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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