If you were wondering, yes, Saturday is National Corndog Day

Posted on Fri Mar 20 2009

National corndog day

This week, we had the chance to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the first day of spring. But neither of those yearly events compares to Saturday's National Corndog Day, aka NCD. Yes, this mammoth celebration, now in its 17th year, "is a celebration of basketball and corndogs," according to a press release from top corndog maker Foster Farms. The event, always scheduled for the first Saturday of NCAA March Madness, was created by two college students in Oregon who apparently really loved hot dogs deep-fried in corn batter. To illustrate just how popular the event and corndogs are, the release points out that the NCD Facebook site has 340 members (!). Additionally, if you lined up all of the corndogs that Foster Farms sold last year, it would circle the Earth two and a half times! Cira Forbes of Foster Farms says, "It's amazing that a corndog can bring together thousands of people from around the world from Corvalis, Ore., to Kenya." Yes, right now the people of Kenya are anxiously awaiting the Western Kentucky/Gonzaga match up while snacking on a big batch of crunchy corndogs. At least the official poster is a bit less disturbing than last year's, which showed a squadron of menacing corndog bombers.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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