Qdoba has cure for harrowing epidemic of burrito boredom blues

By Elaine Wong on Tue Aug 24 2010

In this recessionary economy, eating the same thing over and over every damn day (excuse our French) can be so, well, boring. Building on its "More to Explore" campaign, Qdoba has now launched FoodLoversFightingBurritoBoredom.com, a site that aims to put the zest back into burrito eating. Those who suffer from burrito fatigue (diagnosed via a self-test) can find a cure for the burrito blues via the site's "flavor builder," which lets you discover the multitude of options available at the burrito chain (rival Chipotle has also touted a similar message) while redeeming coupons. Qdoba is also encouraging consumers to tell the world how they overcame their own bouts of boredom for a chance to win a year's worth of free burritos. And don't worry: Qdoba guarantees you won't be bored by that amount of food. As Doug Thielen, manager of non-traditional marketing at the company, puts it: "Qdoba is much bigger than most people [think]. … The idea is, there are people out there suffering from burrito boredom, and they're looking for a cure to get them out of that rut." Motive in Denver is Qdoba's agency.



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