At this rate, you will be set for life if you happen to lose your job

Posted on Thu Apr 16 2009


When Hyundai came out with its Assurance plan, which offered to take back cars if buyers lost their jobs, it seemed like a bold move. It turns out Hyundai took back no cars under the promotion. It did, however, serve to make the brand appear empathetic to the troubles many people are in, and reassure the skittish that it's OK to plunk down cash on a car. Unsurprisingly, especially after getting wind that they probably wouldn't have to, you know, follow through on the promise, Ford and General Motors followed suit. Now, Virgin Mobile USA is getting in on the we-feel-your-pain action. It's skipping the euphemisms and simply calling it a "Pinkslip Protection Plan." The deal: Virgin will cover three months of costs if you lose your job. That's not bad. This is pretty important for Virgin. The plan only applies to those on month-to-month calling plans, the very ones likely to forgo service if they get canned. The service has been shedding customers in the past year. As far back as last May, Virgin said many people aren't switching carriers but dropping service altogether.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey



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