Vodka makers now sticking their bottles between anyone's legs

By Todd Wasserman on Fri Oct 8 2010


Why are vodka bottles so irresistibly phallic to some advertisers? First, there was that Skyy ad that featured a bottle between a woman's legs. And now, another vodka maker, Wódka, has rolled out this ad featuring a bottle shooting out of a greyhound's Chihuahua's nether region. The motif of the campaign, from agenct MMG, is to play off the names of famous cocktails (like, ahem, Sex on the Beach). But did you have to put the bottle down there? According to Brian Gordon, managing partner of MMG, it's all in good fun: "Our comical return to classic, simple drinks is resonating," he says, "and we felt that the campaign was a breath of fresh air for a category that now takes itself way too seriously."

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