The Minnesota Lottery also rips off the poor, but does so in style

Posted on Fri Jan 23 2009

Lottery ads are fairly formulaic: You dangle a huge sum of money and goad the poor suckers who buy your product into believing they actually have a chance of winning.
  So, give the Minnesota State Lottery some credit for trying to mess with the format a bit in a new round of ads that goof on soap operas. The six spots shown in the video here, from Colle + McVoy, nail a lot of the hallmarks of the genre—the zooming close-ups, the over-the-top reaction shots—all in the service of the tagline, "Add some drama to your day."
  As a bonus, the actors are reused in different ads, so people at home can speculate about whether the blonde woman in the wedding dress in one ad is meant to be the same character as the one who's in love with an astronaut in another. Or if the bearded bad guy in one spot is the same character who, in another ad, is near tears after finding out the man he thought was his father isn't and would prefer to be called "Marcus."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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