A tall glass of cloned cow's milk is always a big hit at the picnic

Posted on Wed Apr 8 2009


Would you drink milk from cloned cows? That's the question posed in an April Fool's Day stunt launched by Ben & Jerry's to gauge consumer reaction to last year's FDA approval of food products from cloned animals. The ice cream brand launched a fictitious Web site on National Prankster Day: CyCloneDairy.com, which purported to sell milk from 100-percent cloned cows. Ewwww! Could there be such a thing? Not at moment, but there could be: "CyClone's not real. But it could be. Join the call to track cloned animals," the site reads. Ben & Jerry's is using the stunt to generate support for a nationwide tracking system to identify cloned versus natural sources of food. (A 2008 Food Marketing Institute poll found that three-quarters of the U.S. population is not comfortable eating the "fake" stuff.)
  So, next time you pick up an ice cream cone, make sure to ask if it's the real thing. Who knows?

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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