Michael Moore does unlikely charity work in teaser for next film

Posted on Wed Jun 17 2009

Even right-wing haters might (might) get a kick out of this trailer for Michael Moore's upcoming movie, which is known as the "Untitled Michael Moore Project," per IMDB. The promo comes on like a pitch for one of those Will Rogers charities, and Moore appears to be using his allotted time for philanthropic reasons. "Instead of taking this time to tell you about my new movie, I'd like to ask you to take a moment to join me in helping our fellow Americans," says Moore, who advises viewers to watch for ushers coming down the aisle taking donations. Those Americans, of course, turn out to be the CEOs of Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, etc. "I know what you're thinking," says Moore. "I already gave in the bailout ... but give some more. It'll make you feel ... good." Such CEOs are a popular target these days, of course, even among some on the right. Still, JetBlue got there first and was funnier. Maybe Moore is losing his touch now that the Democrats are in power?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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