Sawed-in-half assistant is doing her part to promote magic show

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Aug 12 2010


Hey, that handsome magic guy Lance Burton is playing the Monte Carlo in Vegas right now. How do I know? It says so right there on a trunk sitting on the airport baggage carousel—the trunk with half of his assistant sticking out the bottom! A lot of people are doing double takes at this stunt, a clever little piece of out-of-home media that riffs on the old illusionist-sawing-his-helper-in-half trick. (That bit never seems to work out well, does it?) Created by David&Goliath for client MGM Resorts International, the half-trunk and disembodied gams are getting lots of tourist snapshots and videos. Look, no blood! Airports are graffiti-d like mad with marketer messages these days, but this one has a distinct advantage. It's arresting and witty. And her legs aren't bad, either.

Are these really the best DVDs to your mom on Mother's Day?

Posted on Thu Feb 5 2009

Thelma copy

Having trouble finding just the right Mother's Day present for that person who gave you the gift of life, among other precious things? Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment have just the thing, with a DVD promotion that promises to "spoil Mom with a movie and a spa day."
  The marketing event highlights studio releases that could roughly be classified as chick flicks and pairs them with a soothing spa offer. DVDs will carry a special code the recipient can redeem for spa treatments and products valued between $5 and $100. The specially marked titles arrive at retail on April 7.
  But alas, there's a punch line for devoted daughters waiting for the other wire hanger to drop: The movies for the Mom's Day lineup include the following dubious "female favorites," all of which are good for $14.98 in spa cash: 
  • Thelma and Louise. Because nothing says mother-and-daughter bonding like rape-induced man-killing chased with a (spoiler alert!) suicide plunge.
  • The Devil Wears Prada. Is there a better way to thank Mom for her "Those jeans make you look hippy" comment that launched your preteen eating disorder than this look into the nasty world of the New York fashion industry?
  • Unfaithful. Screw Dad. No, seriously. Please screw Dad.
  The studios are also bundling mom-friendly DVD gift sets for the occasion and offering them with the spa incentives. Titles include the Laughs & Locks Collection (Beauty Shop, Nora's Hair Salon 2, The Salon); the Women in Charge Collection (Baby Boom, Thelma & Louise, Working Girl); the Women in Love Collection (One Fine Day, Return to Me, A Walk in the Clouds); and the Laughs, Love and Lyrics Collection (9 to 5, The Rose, Hello Dolly).

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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