Twitter your sins to the MGM Grand. And please make them good

Posted on Thu Nov 12 2009


In the recession, Las Vegas, or at least its hotels, seems to be trying to shed its Disney-fied image. First, we had those Monte Carlo ads, which seemed like an extension of the movie The Hangover. Now, the MGM Grand is running a Twitter-focused campaign asking consumers to confess their sins over the microblogging site to win a one-night stand at the hotel. One free night will be randomly given away each day until Nov. 26. The campaign, from Cramer-Krasselt, has gotten some interesting responses—found at the #mgmsin hashtag—though nothing earth-shattering. @MishelleRios, for instance, admits that she "Knows every word to the song Cool Rider from the movie Grease2." @PFNGirl1 "walked around with my zipper down at the mall." @dmillersba says he "once registered for a conference I didn't need in Phoenix just because it was within driving distance of Vegas." Yawn. What would Frank and Dino think?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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