Procter & Gamble runs to 'The Hills' with college care packages

Posted on Mon Jan 5 2009

Beautyessentials_thehills copy

Procter & Gamble is looking to MTV's The Hills to help revamp the classic college care package. Moms and dads can hit to buy product bundles like "Beauty Essentials" to send to their cash-strapped kids. The packages, which come with deodorant, toothpaste and the season-three DVD of The Hills (that should help the kids focus on their homework), were plugged during the show's season-four finale on Dec. 22. The initiative, led by P&G's consumer marketing and knowledge division, began as an experiment and took off. And indeed, a bunch of shampoos, razors and TV schlock just might prompt college girls to text "OMG!" to dear old mom and dad.

—Posted by Matthew Fields

Trojan goes the not-so-subtle route for holiday safe-sex message

Posted on Mon Dec 29 2008

Ever the polite marketer, Trojan condoms launched a viral campaign this Christmas on that suggested, among other things: "Good gravy, Santa's packing a Yule log!" In its continuing effort to spread the message of safe sex (and sell more condoms), Trojan posted the "Reindeer STD" clip earlier this month. The two-and-a-half minute video, not-so-subtly brought to you by Trojan, provides plenty of sexual Christmas innuendos. A line like "She's worked more chimneys than Santa on Christmas Eve" always arouses the Christmas spirit. Of course, the overall lesson is made clear when Santa asks the STD-infested reindeer: "Did you wrap your present before stuffing it into the stocking?" Apparently, Rudolph's nose isn't the only part of him that's glowing red.

—Posted by Matthew Fields



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