Disney/ABC executives cast as glorious new Marvel characters

Posted on Mon Mar 15 2010


Taking a wild stab here, but I'd say nary a day goes by in Hollywood that some executive doesn't think of himself as a superhero, saving the entertainment world by casting Taylor Lautner in every single movie and then releasing them all in 3-D. But thanks to Fast Company and artist Kirk Manley, some honchos will actually make the move into spandex. The magazine has done some clever illustrations that put Disney/ABC executives in classic Marvel comics. (The former company bought the latter in 2009, and there have already been suggestions about mashups of the two titans' characters. This is the first I've seen of the suits getting in on the game.) Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the masterminds behind the cult-favorite series Lost, appear as Thor and Hawkeye; Captain Iger, the cartoon version of president/CEO Bob Iger, shows us how he'll "unlock video content forever" (with a shield and multiple distribution platforms, of course); and new film-studio chief Rich Ross leads with his optimism (and adamantium claws) in X-Factor. Pixar's Brenda Chapman has to be pleased with her va-voom makeover as the Invisible Woman, and Disney/ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney makes a fetching Spidey. See all the pictures here.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

An angry Hitler is always a sign that you've done something right

Posted on Fri Sep 11 2009

Perhaps the most unlikely star of online videos these days is Adolph Hitler, or at least an actor playing him. The joke is simple: Get a clip of from the 2004 movie Downfall, in which Bruno Ganz as Hitler throws a tantrum in German, and superimpose subtitles about the news of the day. There are a ton of variations on the "Hitler is pissed" genre. The most popular at the moment is a clip showing Hitler ranting about Disney buying Marvel. "The time is at hand," he rails. "Soon, Marvel will dominate the entire entertainment industry." Then, after his underlings tell him about the Disney deal, Hitler really lets loose. "First the Muppets and now the entire entertainment universe! Soon we'll see Zac Efron as Captain America!" Nothing calms the madman, not even the thought, expressed by an underling, that "Donald Duck as Hulk would be pretty awesome!" In the YouTube age, if Hitler is pissed at you, you know you've made an impact.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Disney/Marvel deal gives birth to some truly amazing creatures

Posted on Wed Sep 2 2009


Finally, someone found a way to make Mickey Mouse look butch. All it took was family entertainment behemoth Disney's decision to buy comic powerhouse Marvel for a cool $4 billion. As that news filtered through the fan universe, the creative wheels started turning, and the mash-ups began. (There's no indication yet of how the vast stables of characters will co-mingle, but people can dream, can't they?) Flickr is awash with examples of Goofy-meets-Galactus, Disney princess Belle dancing with a strapping, primary-colored Beast, and various cuddly characters sprouting adamantium claws, à la Wolverine. (Watch out for Carl from Up. That old guy will rip your face off!) As for Mickey, he's sharing body parts with the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and lots of other iconic Marvel superheroes, which is doing wonders for his manhood. Wonder when he'll dump Minnie and take up with Storm?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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