Finally, a site for guys afraid to use Evite because it's so girly

Posted on Wed Jan 28 2009


"Click here, dumbass" is the friendly little prompt you get when you visit
  This site, which is now a little over a year old, is made specifically for "guys who don't want to get their ass kicked when their football invitation looks like something for a bridal shower," says founder Jonathan Sills. "It was created out of necessity as an alternative to Evite for any event where testosterone is required."
  The landing page is anything but subtle, bearing an image of a woman's hindquarters, a grill with some unidentified meat on it, a big frosty mug of beer and a roulette wheel, which covers most of the deadly sins/male pastimes. Then there's the ad shown here—also not exactly a mind-bender.
  Click here to see a larger version.
  Manvite recently joined the Break Media Network and is looking for sponsors willing to pony up "cash or cases of beer," says Sills. The top three uses for Manvite invites are: drinking, sports and "cougar hunting."

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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