Mandles (candles for men) aren't just a spoof product any longer

Posted on Tue Oct 13 2009

Isn't it sweet that he lit a candle for you, bathing his man cave in a warm glow and the smell of ... wait, is that skunk? Pal, you are so not getting laid tonight. He'll run that risk if he falls for Mandles, a new product that's so laughable it was spoofed before it ever even launched (see video). But it's apparently not a joke to two entrepreneurs who are staking their latest business venture on the belief that manly men will buy candles with potent scents like Skunk, Rawhide, Swimsuit Model, Grass, Auto Shop and Campfire Smoke. Launched by a husband-and-wife team, Mandles Co. advertises its products as "candles on testosterone." So, are they the perfect antidote to flowery and fruity? The marketers say they're making money and hope to expand the line. On the horizon: Burnt Gunpowder, for that just-pulled-an-armed-robbery smell. Pipe dream: Wet Dog. What's probably not in the cards for buyers of these $15 stinkpots is human contact with anyone but their drinking buddies.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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