Billboards keep L.A. apprised of snowfalls at Mammoth Mountain

Posted on Mon Jan 4 2010


A little bit of snow can be good for even the most die-hard warm-weather fans, or so indie agency David&Goliath reasons. The Los Angeles shop has created a series of digital billboards beckoning L.A. residents to go up north for a winter retreat at Mammoth Mountain. (It's six hours by car or a one-hour airplane trip.) The ads display the amount of snow that's fallen in the resort and ski area over the previous 24 hours. Ads running on the Clear Channel network also direct visitors to a weather widget on that displays snowfall amounts. The goal of the campaign is to get consumers thinking of snow and Mammoth Mountain even in the sunniest of weathers, the resort says.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Mammoth Mountain invites you to enjoy vast white nothingness

Posted on Wed Feb 18 2009

Mammothcabin copy

According to David&Goliath's extremely minimal print ads, Mammoth Mountain in California gets 400 inches of annual snowfall over its 3,000 feet of vertical rise covering 3,500 acres of terrain. (You can barely make out the ski lodge, the grooming machine and the skier in these three ads.) Basically, if you visit the ski resort this winter, it's highly likely you'll be trapped under tons of densely packed powder and search crews won't be able to find you. With my luck, one of the snowboard-riding mannequins from the outdoor portion of the campaign would crash through an emergency vehicle's windshield and dash any slim hope of my rescue. Sure, I'm exaggerating. But you've got to admit, a person could go snow-blind just trying to read the tiny type on these ads.

—Posted by David Gianatasio



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