Holland experiments with envelope ads that pay for the postage

Posted on Thu Jun 11 2009

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Here's one for the We Should Have Thought Of This file: Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands recently struck upon a nifty idea for the citizenry who've run out of postage stamps: Let marketers pick up the tab. A company called Gratis-Post lets people order free envelopes with the postage already paid. The catch? There are advertisements printed on the back. (Hey, at least it doesn't get in the way of the address.) The company reportedly sold out of its initial print run of 52,500 envelopes when the promo debuted several weeks ago. Could an idea like this fly in e-mail happy America? Actually, yeah. According to the fun-facts page at the U.S. Postal Service site, 203 billion pieces of paper mail snailed across our land last year. Plus, think about this: Credit-card companies in the U.S. have stuck ads on the backs of their billing-return envelopes for years, and let customers pay for the privilege of mailing them.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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