Finally, a Mad Men tie-in that Roger Sterling would approve of

By T.L. Stanley on Tue Aug 3 2010

20100802_jbryant_250x375Anyone catch a glimpse of Joan's bullet bra on Mad Men the other night? How in the world could you miss it? It's a testament to the work of Janie Bryant, the stylist on the retro-chic AMC series—not to mention actress Christina Hendricks' amazing hourglass figure—and the fact that Bryant knows her way around highly engineered undergarments. No wonder, then, that she'll be working with intimate apparel in her time off the set. Maidenform has just announced that Bryant will star in an online ad campaign to hype the Ultimate Push-Up Bra, Flexees Firm Control Slip and Fat Free Dressing shapewear. The spots will be scattered around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and starting this month. Bryant (pictured) already works with the brand on Mad Men, using vintage bras and garters and such to recreate the fashionable '60s. (Can those women breathe?) The new products, though looking for the same results—perk up, flatten down and cinch in—are probably a tad less torturous. Or, ladies, we can only hope.



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