With lottery-tickets deal, KISS logo is now officially on everything

Posted on Thu Jun 17 2010


I wanna to rock 'n' roll all night ... and gamble ev-er-y-day. Couldn't resist, folks. KISS has just signed its first licensing deal for lottery tickets. The scratchers, capturing the best of KISS face paint and pleather regalia, launch into the $225-billion-a-year global lottery industry next week. The deal between the band/pop-culture brand and the New Mexico Lottery must represent the zillionth piece of KISS merchandise, or close to it. The finely honed marketing machine that is KISS, indistinguishable from the guys who used to (and still occasionally do) play music, has always been genius about using its image to sell product. (The band has sold 80 million records, too.) This time, fans plunking down hard-earned cash for KISS swag will be contributing to the state's higher-education fund. If the tickets sell out, they'll raise about $900,000 for scholarships, New Mexico lotto officials say. If players don't pocket any of the cash prizes, they'll still have a chance to win trips to see KISS on its "Hottest Show on Earth" tour in September. KISS, which has its first new record in 11 years to promote, isn't the only band to go this route: Aerosmith did it last year with branded lottery tickets across several states. Odds are good that more of these deals are coming. Who should be next? Metallica? Bon Jovi? Extra credit for extra bad puns.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Minnesota Lottery's game could lead to uncontrollable facial hair

Posted on Wed Aug 19 2009

As long as some cheeky chap doesn't invite me to cough up 10 cents for a "moneystache ride" to boost his lottery-ticket budget, I guess I'm cool with Colle+McVoy's new campaign for the Minnesota State Lottery. The TV and out-of-home campaign features folks sporting the "moneystache" made famous by Mr. Monopoly and other game elements to support the Mega Monopoly Scratch Game. The tag: "Grow your moneystache." A 30-second television spot broke on Tuesday. In it, an underling visits a female executive's office to ask a question, and notices that she sports something resembling a milk mustache. Each time she looks up  from her desk, her lip liner looks a bit puffier, and finally blossoms into a handlebar 'stache that's part John Bolton, part feral Chia Pet. Other components of the campaign include red plastic Monopoly "hotel" bus shelters and moneystache mirror clings in bars and restaurants. But we'd really like to know if they're handing out "Get out of jail free" cards.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp

Take a chance this summer on Aerosmith-branded lottery tickets

Posted on Wed May 27 2009


Think you're going to win the million-dollar jackpot? "Dream On." Then again, don't listen to me, I'm just "Jaded."
  Seminal hard rockers Aerosmith, who are kicking off a summer tour next month in St. Louis, have signed a deal that will create Aerosmith-branded lottery tickets with prizes that include front-row seats, backstage passes, a private concert and wads of cash. You'd be "Crazy" not to play, right? The licensing and promotional deal between the band, frontman Steven Tyler's publisher, Primary Wave Music, and gaming company GTECH will roll out in select states. Scratch-off lottery tickets will be based on "Dream On" and a couple dozen other greatest hits from the band's extensive catalog. TV and radio ads and in-store marketing materials will surround the program.
  It's certainly not the first intersection of entertainment and gaming, but it's relatively new territory for the music business. A GTECH exec says Aerosmith is perfect for scratchers because the band is so well known, particularly among the male, middle-aged, lower-middle-class demo that likes to play the numbers. (Not sure that's a complement, but it does seem to peg a vocal contingent of Aerosmith fans.) The band gets a licensing fee for use of its images, songs and other work, and will pocket more cash based on the number of tickets sold. This is on the heels of the band's high-wattage partnership with Guitar Hero, which is sponsoring the three-month tour.
  So, try your luck (and forgive the puns). It could either leave you "Cryin' " or full of "Sweet Emotion."

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

The Minnesota Lottery also rips off the poor, but does so in style

Posted on Fri Jan 23 2009

Lottery ads are fairly formulaic: You dangle a huge sum of money and goad the poor suckers who buy your product into believing they actually have a chance of winning.
  So, give the Minnesota State Lottery some credit for trying to mess with the format a bit in a new round of ads that goof on soap operas. The six spots shown in the video here, from Colle + McVoy, nail a lot of the hallmarks of the genre—the zooming close-ups, the over-the-top reaction shots—all in the service of the tagline, "Add some drama to your day."
  As a bonus, the actors are reused in different ads, so people at home can speculate about whether the blonde woman in the wedding dress in one ad is meant to be the same character as the one who's in love with an astronaut in another. Or if the bearded bad guy in one spot is the same character who, in another ad, is near tears after finding out the man he thought was his father isn't and would prefer to be called "Marcus."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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