Are you lost? The show's producers and ABC want to help

Posted on Wed Feb 18 2009

We are big Lost fans over here, but we couldn't tell you what's going on in any definitive way on that show even if Sun had that loaded gun pointed at our heads. But help is on the way.
  ABC and the show's producers, realizing that the time-warping season five is perhaps even more crazy-making than the previous four, has created a segment called "Lost Untangled" to try to convey some of the finer, extra convoluted points. The five-minute segment is supposed to boost ratings for the show and for its lead-out, the struggling cop drama Life on Mars, on Wednesday nights. With a narrator who starts, "If you're lost on Lost, we've got you covered," the vignettes use intentionally cheesy cut outs, action figures and comic book-like panels to try to summarize what the heck's going on with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben and the rest of the shipwrecked crew.
  So far, so good? Not exactly. Lost has dropped in the ratings each week since its premiere this season, with a 6 percent decrease recently. It still draws almost 10 million viewers and is the highest-rated scripted show on Wednesdays. In a deal between the network and its producers, the survivors of crashed Oceanic flight 815 look to have a solid spot on the schedule until the series finale next year.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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