Lay's mobile tour explains agriculture to clueless urbanites

By Elaine Wong on Mon Aug 2 2010
DSC06051 Those of you who live and work in big, bustling cities may have never stepped foot on a farm, but now Lay’s is offering a taste with its mobile greenhouse tour, which aims to offer a peek at the “rural farm experience.” The effort, part of the Frito-Lay-owned snack brand’s campaign to spotlight real, local farmers, includes a stop at Detroit’s Tiger Stadium this Thursday. Inside the “mobile farm,” consumers can meet Lay’s potato farmers, learn first-hand about vegetables and plants used in the potato chip-making process (such as potato, tomato, onion, pepper and basil), which of course are fairly unrecognizable in chip form.. At the end of each visit (the tour includes six cities altogether), Lay’s will donate the mobile farm’s contents to nearby community gardens, to encourage the planting of fruits and vegetables in metropolitan areas. The initiative taps into the localvore craze and offers a less taxing way to get in touch with your food sources than actually visiting a farm.



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