LG deal means stars have to vacuum the carpet at Spirit Awards

Posted on Wed Mar 3 2010

The low-rent indie crowd who attend the Spirit Awards—also known as Oscar's liquored-up, F-bombing cousin—might actually clean their own houses, so this sponsor stunt might not be so far-fetched. Some unnamed celebrity (and maybe a bunch of them, if the drinks are strong) will use the new LG Electronics Kompressor Vacuum on the "red" carpet (it's actually blue) at Friday's show. They'll be sucking up sand, which is kind of an inside joke because the awards, in their 25th year, have moved for the first time from the beach in Santa Monica to downtown L.A. This event used to be a relaxed affair in the middle of a Saturday afternoon with the Pacific Ocean steps away. Now, it's surrounded by concrete and traffic, and somebody has to do housework. It's for a good cause, say the press materials, with LG donating cash to Project: Involve, a Film Independent program that nurtures cultural diversity in filmmaking. Stars who hit the swag lounge will get one of the vacuums, and loads of other Dooney & Bourke, Flip Video, Fage Total Yogurt and AMC Entertainment goodies for free. Put it this way, if they take the vacuum, at least they'll already know how to use it.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

They sure make smart phones look real purty in ads these days

Posted on Mon Nov 2 2009

Are smart phones the new cars? A couple of new ads from LG and Sony Ericsson feature the kind of fawning beauty shots you usually associate with the auto category. LG's Android-based GW620, for instance, is first shown zipping around in the air, stopping occasionally to show off features like a qwerty keyboard and a camera lens. Occasionally, the device catches the light just right and positively gleams. This (silent) teaser ad for Sony Ericsson's next phone (it doesn't mention a name, but it's due tomorrow) gets pretty much the same treatment: photography that makes it look like it defies gravity and has the ability to catch the light just right. The reality is, however, that most of these smart phones look pretty similar now, and most people would probably prefer a less gleamy phone with solid service and good features over a radiant one that drops calls.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Ad for LG's iPhone killer takes forever to get to the point

Posted on Tue Jul 14 2009

Can LG topple the iPhone? The electronics company has designed a phone that is clearly modeled after and meant to rival Apple's popular smartphone. The buildup for this ad is painfully long because it showcases the previous phones in the company's Black Label Series for no apparent reason. But once you get to the meat of the ad, and ignore the ridiculous club music meant to associate the product as part of a cool lifestyle, the BL40 is presented quite nicely. Without something on the display, it at first seems much too long in size. But once the ad begins highlighting the features and capabilities, its length is less dramatic and even works well with the advanced applications on the screen. LG spent too much energy trying to jazz up this commercial with flying titles and suspense. The phone speaks for itself.

— Posted by Elana Glowatz

LG helping parents get to the bottom of all this texting nonsense

Posted on Wed May 27 2009


Remember the old days when parents tried to figure out what their kids were up to by listening in on their phone conversations, reading their diaries or probing younger siblings? What about parents today who also have cell phones to worry about? Dyk wot ur teen is txting? For those who don't speak "teen," LG has created an online DTXTR (DEE-text-ER), which is pitched as a "resource so you can decode your teen's texts, and stay on top of the texting trend." The tool translates "teen speak" to proper English, and vice versa. On the site, you can also get texting tips and take a quiz to test your knowledge of the terminology. Some terms are missing from the glossary, but LG welcomes any additions. Parents using the DTXTR might get a rude awakening regarding their innocent little darlings. IMHO.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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