Lay's mobile tour explains agriculture to clueless urbanites

By Elaine Wong on Mon Aug 2 2010
DSC06051 Those of you who live and work in big, bustling cities may have never stepped foot on a farm, but now Lay’s is offering a taste with its mobile greenhouse tour, which aims to offer a peek at the “rural farm experience.” The effort, part of the Frito-Lay-owned snack brand’s campaign to spotlight real, local farmers, includes a stop at Detroit’s Tiger Stadium this Thursday. Inside the “mobile farm,” consumers can meet Lay’s potato farmers, learn first-hand about vegetables and plants used in the potato chip-making process (such as potato, tomato, onion, pepper and basil), which of course are fairly unrecognizable in chip form.. At the end of each visit (the tour includes six cities altogether), Lay’s will donate the mobile farm’s contents to nearby community gardens, to encourage the planting of fruits and vegetables in metropolitan areas. The initiative taps into the localvore craze and offers a less taxing way to get in touch with your food sources than actually visiting a farm.

Lay's carves a wooden billboard to reflect 'crafted with care' idea

Posted on Fri Jun 4 2010


Leave it up to the folks at Lay's to literalize what it means to be made from "all natural ingredients, crafted with care." The Frito-Lay-owned potato-chip brand has three wood carvers etching out those exact words on a giant billboard in San Francisco. (The result should look like the photo here.) The outdoor effort—from agency Juniper Park, part of a larger TV and print campaign—supports new flavors like Crinkle Cut Spice Rubbed BBQ and Harvest Ranch. It expands on a larger campaign Frito-Lay launched last year highlighting the farmers who grow its potatoes. The snack-food giant estimates the billboard will take "up to 10 days and 80 hours to complete" and will remain up until the end of this month. Though consumers across the U.S. eat Lay's, Michelle Rule, North American marketing director for Frito-Lay, said San Francisco was chosen to host the billboard as it's "a city known for having a 'foodie' flare." She added: "Lay's Kettle Cooked potato chips are cooked in small batches," emphasizing that each chip is made with tender loving care, just like the billboard.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Lay's celebrates local growers, lets the chips fall where they may

Posted on Thu May 14 2009


Frito-Lay, like seemingly every other marketer on earth, is making a big point about going local. Its newest marketing blitz focuses on the 80 "local" farmers from 27 states who grow the potatoes used to make its Lay's chips. In addition, they're making 40,000 in-store displays customized by state, and a tech toy at can identify where any bag of the chips was made if you enter the first three digits of the product code on the bag and your ZIP code. Not to undermine their efforts here, but they're missing the point of "locally" grown food. We understand that their chips are made somewhere, but, as an executive from Sustainable Table points out in the article, their stock is still grown on industrial farms, which are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the rugged, individualistic American farmers they claim to support. Now Utz, there's a potato chip for you uppity-liberal-guilt types.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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