Brooke Shields set to recline comfortably in La-Z-Boy campaign

By David Kiefaber on Tue Oct 19 2010


La-Z-Boy is courting women with an upcoming ad campaign starring Brooke Shields, who will be the face of the furniture manufacturer's drive to show that they make stuff besides recliners. And it's a full range of stuff we're talking about: La-Z-Boy is trotting out sofas, modular pieces, love seats, leather upholstery and anything else that's attractive to middle-class housewives. In fact, Shields got picked for being a celebrity mom who's still hot enough to keep La-Z-Boy's faithful male customers hanging around—something the company basically admits outright, although it helps that she's already a spokeswoman for more noble causes like Tupperware's Chain of Confidence SMART Girls campaign. That makes her, and by proxy La-Z-Boy, seem less mercenary about convincing you to buy things from them. Since none of the ads are out yet, there's not much to say beyond remarking on how odd it is that women can sell things like La-Z-Boys but cars are out of the question.



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