Astro Boy counting on L.A. Looks to keep that spiky hair in place

Posted on Wed Oct 21 2009


Ever wonder how superheroes get their 'dos to look so perfect, even while they're flying through the air and fighting bad guys? Hair products, of course! For Astro Boy, star of the all-family flick launching Friday, the choice of pomade is L.A. Looks, which, when liberally applied, produces exaggerated horns in the front and back of his head. At least, that's the conclusion to draw from a promotion between Imagi Studios/Summit Entertainment and the "x-treme vertical styling gel." (We all know Astro Boy's coif is really computer-generated, but it doesn't hurt to play along.) The partnership between the studio distributors and the brand included setting up mini-salons at screenings in key markets to give kids cartoonish makeovers. The deal also dropped free trick-or-treat bags into publications like the Los Angeles Times, with a coupon for hair goop. I can think of several other movies this year that were naturals for a styling-gel tie-in, like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair, The Hangover (those guys needed help big time) and Knowing, which starred Nicolas Cage and his pageboy. Such missed opportunities! Next time, folks, use your noggin.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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